Revolutionising Platform Business: A Success Story with Cloud23 and Standard Bank Group

Standard Bank Group, Salesforce Platform Cloud23

We are thrilled to share the video recording of an incredible success story showcasing the collaborative journey between Cloud23 and Standard Bank Group. This insightful session, featuring Merise Snyders (Head of Salesforce Platform), Sheldon Lazarus (Architect and DevOps Lead), and Rasmi P., delves into the power of platform business, the impact of digital transformation, and how Cloud23 played a pivotal role in driving platform excellence for Standard Bank.

Key Highlights from the Discussion:

  1. Integration of Salesforce as a Unified Platform ๐Ÿš€
    • The integration of Salesforce and DevOps has enhanced efficiency, speed, and overall customer experience for Standard Bank’s multi-cloud, multi-platform digital journeys.
  2. Contributions and Innovations by Cloud23 ๐ŸŒŸ
    • Cloud23’s transformative approach has revolutionized the account onboarding process, changing the way Standard Bank operates.
  3. Overcoming Challenges in Implementation ๐Ÿค
    • Valuable insights from Merise Snyders on how Cloud23 collaborated with Standard Bank Group to overcome challenges in implementing the unified platform.
  4. Best Practices and Lessons Learned ๐Ÿ“š
    • Merise & Sheldon share best practices and lessons from the journey, providing valuable insights for other organizations to leverage in their own transformational endeavors.

Watch the Video Below:

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