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The Race/analogy/..

Expeditious/adj/.. that defines us

Our  Power Unit

Innovative Solutions Through Empathetic Understanding

At Cloud23, we listen to understand, not just to respond

Your challenges are our starting point; we delve deep to feel what you feel

Brainstorming without boundaries fuels our creative engine at Cloud23

We believe in the power of collective creativity to find the unexpected

We translate insights into actionable goals, defining the path to innovation

Clarity in problem definition is our roadmap to effective solutions

Prototyping at Cloud23 is about shaping ideas into tangible experiences

We build to learn, iterating prototypes to perfection

Group 400

Test & Implement

At Cloud23, we validities through rigorous user- centric evaluation with precision and excellence, we turn prototypes into final products at Cloud23 with 100% commitment

Our  Power Unit

Approach & Process Flow


We focus on customer/end user discovery to understand different factors affecting or influencing the businesses to transform. We consider architectural factors like phases, actions, thoughts, feelings, touchpoints, and opportunities to elicit a journey map, of the users and from the users or who understands your customers the best.

Process Mapping

We focus on customer/end user discovery to understand different factors affecting or influencing the businesses to transform. We consider architectural factors like phases, actions, thoughts, feelings, touchpoints, and opportunities to elicit a journey map, of the users and from the users or who understands your customers the best.


We then utilize the process maps to determine the best design structure that is tailored to your organization specific use case. We strongly believe in empathetic design that considers Salesforce a well-architected framework to make the designs simple, reliable, trusted, automated and adaptable at the same time


Our Salesforce certified developers build the solution in a sandbox by keeping a check of all the fundamental principles of Agile. To meet the necessary deadlines during the build phase, we practice the principles of Scaled Agile Centre of Excellence. Some of the basic principles we follow in a given sprint cycle are by integrating sandboxes, testing all apps together, demonstrating new features to the product owners, re-prioritizing unplanned stories by de-prioritizing the lowest priority stories with equal amount of effort and by using the last sprint for stabilizing the application


Our experts determine the right deployment approach from the Application Lifecycle and Development models to deploy the user-accepted application from the sandboxes to the production environment. While we deploy, we take optimization, alignment, version control and scalability to deploy the product that is stable and efficient for the end users.

Upswing  Africa

It’s a pivotal moment, a time to harness the winds of change and swing them in our favor. At Cloud23, we’re not just observers; we’re torchbearers, leading the way with our groundbreaking initiative, “Upswing Africa.”

This unique campaign embodies our commitment to growth, continuity, and collaboration. Through “Upswing Africa,” we’re extending an unprecedented offer: 20% of our project team will transition to our clients as permanent staff. This ensures seamless continuity, administration, and support of the project, forging a partnership that goes beyond mere transaction.

We believe in the potential of this vibrant continent. When Africa grows, we grow. Together, we can build a future that’s not just about surviving but thriving. Are you ready to swing with us? Join the “Upswing Africa” movement and be part of something bigger, something transformative.

Let’s build Africa as the Largest IT Outsourcing Hub in the World

Our Podium Finishes

Birth of Cloud23
Incorporated in Delaware, USA as an API company building innovative Headless solutions across multiple industries
Rising Start Parter of the Year - Salesforce
Partner with the most growth based on – Customer success, Innovation, Growth (Influenced ACV) and Lead (Equality and Sustainable Development)
Cloud23 in Africa
Cloud23 merged resources from multiple acquisitions to register a Salesforce Consulting Partner in Africa, headquartered in Rosebank, South Africa
Expansion into Core Banking Implementation Services
Cloud23 became a Thought Machine partner uniting modern cloud-native core banking technology with excellence to innovate the future of finance

Our  DRS

DTAAS (Digital Transformation As A Service) is our DRS (Uniqueness) that gives us the edge to zoom past our competitors even if the track isn’t a straight line.

“At Cloud23, our unique advantage lies in our expertise in Integration, AI and data, enabling us to transform businesses at an unprecedented scale. Our approach to DTAAS isn’t just about keeping pace; it’s about leading the way.

We leverage Integration, Data and AI technology to automate workflows, enhance processing, and provide intelligent insights that redefine how businesses operate. Our data-driven strategies connect the dots in a customer’s journey, creating seamless and impactful experiences.

With Cloud23, digital transformation isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a tangible reality. We turn challenges into opportunities, helping businesses grow smarter, faster, and larger. It’s how we set ourselves apart, and it’s how we help our clients zoom past the competition, no matter the complexity of the path.”


As thought leaders in integration, Cloud23 goes beyond merely connecting systems; we create synergies that drive business growth. Our expertise in seamless integration enables businesses to operate more efficiently, breaking down silos and fostering collaboration. By connecting disparate systems and processes, we help our clients unlock new potentials, transforming their operations at a substantial scale. Cloud23’s integration solutions are tailored to each client’s unique needs, ensuring a cohesive and agile business environment


“Recognised as thought leaders in the data domain, Cloud23 harnesses the power of information to transform raw data into actionable insights. We guide decision-making and strategy, helping businesses understand their customers, optimise their operations, and predict future trends. By leveraging data analytics and visualisation, Cloud23 empowers businesses to make informed decisions that drive growth and transformation at a significant scale. Our data solutions are not just about numbers; they’re about creating a competitive edge


As thought leaders in AI technology, Cloud23 is revolutionizing the way businesses operate. Our AI expertise enables us to create intelligent solutions that automate processes, enhance customer experiences, and provide predictive analytics. We build AI-driven strategies that are tailored to each business’s unique challenges and opportunities, allowing them to scale and innovate like never before. With Cloud23’s AI solutions, businesses are not just adapting to change; they’re leading it. We turn the promise of AI into a practical reality, transforming businesses at a substantial scale

News &Blogs

Cloud23’s Salesforce Academy, we train our young drivers through learning programmes that helps them gain the right skill set which enables them to move fast and later absorb them into our workforce.