Cloud23’s Remarkable Impact on the African Market: An 80% Surge in Growth

We are excited to share Cloud23’s extraordinary journey and growth in the African market. Since our expansion into southern Africa in 2022, we have experienced an impressive 80% growth in the region, establishing a strong presence in countries including Botswana, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Mauritius.

A Commitment to Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Our success in Africa can be attributed to our commitment to offering enterprise software management services with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By providing services at rates up to 40% lower than the usual market rate, we have enabled our clients to access high-quality solutions while achieving significant cost savings.

Investing in Local Talent

Cloud23’s growth is also a reflection of our investment in local talent. By pooling the skills of talented and experienced professionals across Africa, we have been able to deliver exceptional services for our clients. Our active recruitment and continuous training programs ensure that we stay updated with the latest advancements in enterprise software management, fostering the growth and success of African talent.

Accommodating Increased Demand

To accommodate the increased demand for our services, Cloud23 has established offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town, strategically positioning ourselves to better serve our clients in the region. Our ambitious plans for further expansion and development include exploring opportunities to open more local offices in other key emerging markets.

Positive Feedback and Market Response

The feedback from our clients and the market regarding Cloud23’s enterprise software management services has been overwhelmingly positive. Our growing demand is a testament to our ability to meet the evolving needs of businesses and our commitment to providing solutions that deliver real value.

What Sets Cloud23 Apart

Our success stems from our partnership-driven approach, highly accredited staff, and competitive pricing. We believe in true partnerships, leveraging the expertise of our highly accredited staff, offering competitive pricing, and going the extra mile to ensure our clients’ success.

In summary, Cloud23’s success as a Salesforce Consulting partner in Africa is underpinned by our commitment to providing real value for our clients. We believe in fostering innovation, collaboration, and mutual success, positioning ourselves as a reliable and trusted partner in the region.

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